Skibidi Toilet Game Play · Online for Free

Skibidi Toilet is an amusing game where you will surely have some fun. The concept of the project is quite silly but hilarious, nevertheless. Curious animations and soundtrack won’t leave you indifferent. Play Skibidi Toilet on your pc or use hacks to do it on Android and enjoy ridiculous but captivating gameplay.

Escape from the monster

The main objective of the game is to escape from the unknown creature that is going to follow you through the level. Although, the appearance of it looks more than questionable. Instead of the atrocious monsters with sharp teeth, crooked claws or multiple limbs, you will be chased by a toilet that has a strange-looking human head.

However, this creature will make you feel quite unsettling, as it constantly does weird grimaces, sings a well-known song by Little Big and jerks. You would really like to stay as far from this thing as possible. Otherwise, it may catch you and everything will be over.

So, to avoid a bad ending, you should find a way out from the level. But don’t you think that you can just run away from your enemy! To complete the level, you need to accomplish a set of quests. Skibidi Toilet offers a great variety of them. You will have to dodge flying objects, jump over obstacles or even participate in dancing competitions. Apply all your skills to win.
Consequently, the levels greatly differ from one another. You will have an opportunity to fight an evil toilet creature both on open and closed territories. Deal with a huge monster in the middle of the town, or swiftly move between the rooms in a house, while the creature is searching for it. In any case, you will need to demonstrate your abilities.

Share your adventures with a company

It is cool to finish all the levels by yourself, but it is also entertaining to play with your friends. Keep hiding from the sinister toilets together. Or sacrifice one player to help the other ones finish the quests and go further. You are free to develop your own tactics. The most important thing is to enjoy the game.

You may even change the features of your characters. To stand out from the group of your friends, pick up a couple of accessories or whole outfits. This will definitely make the process more exciting. Although, some of the outfits can be unlocked only after you complete certain levels.

As any project, Skibidi Toilet has a couple of secret features that only the most attentive players can discover. For example, there are some achievements that you can get for very specific actions. Sometimes, it is hard to guess which action you need to perform to receive a particular one, so use your imagination and try doing the most unexpected things. Apart from the clothes, you can even gain access to unique bonuses that will significantly simplify the game.

Another advantage of inviting your friends is that you will open up a competition. Take your place in the rating and do your best to improve your position, leaving everybody behind. Eventually, you will have a chance to become the leader.