Skibidi Toilet is a type of game that has no definite plot, but offers you a lot of fun, nevertheless. Enjoy a great variety of levels that constantly force you to complete different challenges. Play this game and find out if you are good at strategy. Remember the main rule, think quickly and don’t stay in one spot for too long!

Survive the attacks

Prepare to be in a constant state of being chased. Skibidi Toilet will make you worry about your every move. You will never be alone on the location and it means you are in big trouble, as the other creatures won’t be friendly with you. So, be careful and you won’t be the victim of any living being here.

Your main enemy may look more ridiculous than terrifying, but don’t be fooled by the first impression! This monster will immediately destroy the character, if you run too slow. Although it resembles a toilet with various faces that are sticking from it, this thing is bloodthirsty and won’t stop until it gets you.

The long necks of the monster can stick quite far, so be aware of this ability and keep the distance. Sometimes, you are going to meet several creatures like this, or new species, such as Cameraman or Speakerman which will surprise you with new kinds of attacks.

Deal with the madness around

To complete a certain level, you will need to look at the quests. Accomplish them all and you will find a way to the next terrains. Some of the tasks require doing something with the toilet monster, so try to be thoughtful and keep yourself as safe as possible.

To somehow make the process more colourful Skibidi Toilet allows you to change your standard outfit to something more fashionable. However, you won’t receive all of the costumes at once. You may get them as a prize for successfully completed level. You may also win useful upgrades that will help you to dodge the monsters’ attacks and run away faster.

There is an opportunity to try out the project together with someone, too! It will definitely be cool to accomplish a set of quests in a company. Or, you can just fool around and do something crazy.

Skibidi Toilet 2