Skibidi Toilet is a game where you are free to do all sorts of crazy stuff. Whether you play it alone or in a company, you will be surprised by the variety of diverse locations. In addition, there are many interesting tasks! Will you manage to complete all of them?

Confront the threatening monsters

Although there is a wide range of terrains, you will have to share them with evil creatures. The most common opponent will be a blend of toilet, human and robot. This bizarre creature can reach a surprisingly high speed, so don’t wait until it comes too close and run as soon as you hear its distinctive song. Apart from the speed, they will frighten you with their predatory smiles and distorted faces.

There are less horrible, but not less dangerous monsters in Skibidi Toilet, too. Cameraman and Speakerman may not look as weird as the toilet thing, but they want to eliminate you nevertheless. Be quiet around them and they may not notice you.

On your way to the end, you will meet different variations of these monsters that have their own special features. For example, there are huge species that can reach the size of a building. However, they move a lot slower, so you have a chance to flee if such a creature sees you.

Reveal mysterious scenes

In Skibidi Toilet you have plenty of things to do on each level. Throw the objects that surround you in the malevolent aliens, dance or collect different things. Use your quests as a guide to diversify your game. If you finish all of them, you will unlock the next stage.

But if you are extremely attentive, you can spot some extraordinary things. Carefully investigate the area and look for the most elusive spaces. They will likely hide exciting details of this world. And maybe you will find something for yourself. In any case, your discovery won’t disappoint you.

Skibidi Toilet Full Game