Entertain yourself with infinite madness in the Skibidi Toilet. Prepare to run, fight, hide and throw various items. The quests in this game are so diverse that you will never get tired of them, especially if you play with someone. In any case, you are going to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the project.

On your way you will face all kinds of enemies that will question your skills and abilities. Quickly evaluate the situation and decide if you can fight the monster or you better leave. Note that some of the opponents can kill you with one punch, so you should carefully calculate your strength.

Mostly, you are going to deal with creatures that look like toilets with a head attached to it. Besides, the head is making weird faces and twitching all the time. This creature will prevent you from escaping the level by chasing you through the chosen location.

Despite having no hands and only a couple of robotic legs to walk, they are able to stretch their necks and hit you with a head. And all these actions will be accompanied with a famous tune. Although, this song may help you to notice the danger in time.

In the world of Skibidi Toilet there also live more dangerous monsters, but you are going to meet them later. At the beginning, the game will give you quite manageable tasks. If you are lucky, you may even find a weapon to fight your enemies. You have to complete more levels to get access to deadlier ones, though.

Skibidi Toilet keeps a lot of secret aspects, too. Can you find all of them? As a reward for your curiosity, you may receive useful improvements and accessories. Apply them and enhance your position. Gather hidden items and don’t get caught by an atrocious toilet monster.

Skibidi Toilet Gmod