Escape the insane world filled with hideous living toilets in the Skibidi Toilet. You have never thought that such a thing would be possible, but now your only mission is to get rid of annoying monsters that are following you everywhere.

Fight with evil

This game is quite easy to play, but it requires some particular skills, such as the ability to swiftly react and hide somewhere before a monster sees you. Memorise the route to run away from danger as fast as possible. However, while you are exploring the terrains, you may stumble upon some curious stuff. It can include upgrades, outfits or just funny easter eggs.

Each location offers you different ways to confront the aliens. Firstly, check out the hiding spots and then you will have an opportunity to go further. Look at your current quests and decide what you want to start with. However, you should always be on guard as the creatures are nearby!

The variety of opponents

In Skibidi Toilet you will have to deal with an impressive diversity of monsters. There are many variants of toilet creatures, for example. They can be quite small or gigantic, have only one human head or even three. Their speed and power are also not the same. Some of them are more sluggish, but can destroy a building in a second. The others are smaller, but move rapidly.

Apart from them, there are so called Cameramen and Speakermen, which look similar, but their powers differ a lot. Such creatures represent extremely deadly enemies. You won’t be glad to meet one of those, so your only choice is to run and hope it won’t catch you. They are usually of large size and can run super-fast.

You won’t deal with them on the first levels of the game, but the toilets will cause you a couple of problems anyway. As soon as one of them spots you, it will chase you until you are not in sight. Collect the upgrades and increase your chances to stay alive. But remember that in Skibidi Toilet your skills matter, too!

Skibidi Toilet vs Cameraman