Prepare to enjoy a unique game that looks like nothing you have seen before. Skibidi Toilet lets you dive into a mad universe where you will deal with absurd challenges. Will you manage to complete all of them? Skibidi Toilet is waiting for you to play and try out your skills!

Explore the diversity of the territories

The project gives you an impressive range of levels, so you will be captivated by it for a long time. It will also take some effort to investigate all the terrains, as you will have an obstacle in the form of a moving toilet that has a human head sticking out of it. This horrible creature is walking with the help of robotic legs that can move pretty fast. So, don’t waste your time and run!

The monster, in addition, has quite distinctive facial expressions and will broadly smile all the time. It is also singing a song by a popular gang which serves as an indicator. If you hear this beat becoming louder, it means the creature has spotted you, so you better change your position.

Basically, the gameplay consists of escaping the toilet creature and finishing different challenges. These may look like something simple or be totally crazy. In any case, you are forced to do them in a hurry, before the monster catches you. If this happens, you lose all the progress on the level and the game starts over.

Make the fun last forever

The further you go, the more elaborate the quests will be. Moreover, you will be able to meet the other characters, such as a Cameraman, who looks like a huge man in a business suit with a security camera where the head should be. This opponent is way more dangerous than the toilet, so the best tactic will be to wait for him to leave the room.

However, after some levels, you are going to receive delightful bonuses, such as new outfits and upgrades. This will diversify the project a little bit. The upgrades will make you more resilient or fast. Although, your skills matter more than these. To unlock the improvements, you will still need to learn how to manoeuvre between the obstacles, shy away from the objects and fight against the evil.

Skibidi Toilet also supports multiplayer, so your friends are welcomed here! If you want to entertain yourself with some silly and effortless pastime, you should definitely check out this one. It is perfect for spending a good time in a company.

Remember that some levels hide curious secrets that you just need to unravel. Are you interested in the mysteries such unsophisticated project can have? Search the locations and find hidden places and items.

Skibidi Toilet